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Presenting Ion Channel at SciPy 2016

Ion Channel presentation at SciPy 2016

We’re proud to announce our participation in SciPy 2016, the 15th annual Scientific Computing with Python conference. The conference will be in Austin, TX, July 11-17.

We use a lot of Python at Ion Channel. In particular we use Anaconda, Jupyter, Pandas, and NetworkX. We use these powerful scientific tools to make sense of data collected from the open source ecosystem.

Recently we’ve taken a deep dive to analyze the Python ecosystem in particular, using data from PyPI, the Python Package Index. We are developing a novel method of identifying risky ‘hot spots’ in an open source ecosystem. We will be presenting our work on Thursday, 7/14, at 2:30pm.

If you’re at the conference, please come check out the talk and reach out with any questions about Ion Channel. We’re there to connect with other smart developers interested in scientific analysis and open source software–specifically the scientific analysis of open source software.

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